About CNX Coal Resources

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CNX Coal Resources (CNXC) is a growth-oriented master limited partnership, sponsored by CONSOL Energy. Our assets include a 25 percent undivided interest in and operational control over CONSOL Energy's Pennsylvania mining complex. The Pennsylvania mining complex has three underground mines: Bailey, Enlow Fork and Harvey, and related infrastructure. The complex is a highly automated and technologically advanced underground mining operation with 791.4 million tons of high-Btu bituminous coal reserves in Pittsburgh No. 8 seam.

With five longwall mining systems and eighteen continuous mining sections, the Pennsylvania mining complex has an annual production capacity of 28.5 million tons. The mining complex also has a train loadout facility with dual rail access to The Norfolk Southern and The CSX, a centralized coal processing facility, as well as access to seaborne markets through CONSOL’s wholly-owned Baltimore Marine Terminal.